AGSA Parent Umpires

AGSA offers additional information on the basics of umpiring a Fastpitch game at the U9 modified, U11, U13, U15 and U17/19 levels.

AGSA Parent Umpire Quick Reference Guide:

The AGSA Parent Umpire Quick Refernce Guide has been brought together by members of the AGSA board. This document will serve as a quick reference guideline for parent umprires in all levels of our Airdrie Angels Fastpitch program.


  1. The field distance will be twenty-five (25) feet behind each base. Pylons to be placed at the Twenty-five (25) foot mark in the field.
  2. All players must remain in a reasonable approximation of normal positions when the coach enters the game to pitch.
  3. Maximum number of players allowed on the playing field is six (6).
  4. Team rosters must have at least seven (7) players.
  5. A home run is a ball that touches the ground past the home run line.
  6. No spectators are permitted in the playing field except those designated as base umpires up to a maximum of two (2).
  7. A fly ball caught past the home run line is an out.
  8. The umpire will determine if a ground ball lands past the homerun line.
  9. A player can only advance one base on a steal attempt, including advancing on an overthrow, passed ball, wild pitch etc. Maximum one base only. The sole exception to this would be an overthrown ball leaves the field of play. In this case the standard 2-base award would apply. When the coach is pitching there is no stealing of any kind permitted.
  10. Runners cannot advance to home except on a hit ball.
  11. Indoor “Softie” Balls will be used for all league play.
  12. Batters will not be permitted to bunt when the coach/parent comes into pitch.